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Assisted Living, A Community to call Home

One of the greatest advantages to an assisted living center is the social opportunity and interaction.

Helping your parents find the right assisted living facility? Are they ready emotionally for this change? Are they starting to have difficulty doing essential daily tasks of living such as showering and dressing, getting around, cleaning and cooking meals? They can get the daily supports they need, and yet remain as independent as possible in an Assisted Living Facility.

The whole idea of leaving their home may be difficult for mom or dad at first, but once they realize they can rest easy knowing their needs will be taken care of, they will become more comfortable to the idea of transitioning to assisted living facility. 

Residents of assisted living are other seniors who, like them, need help with daily life – fixing meals,  and possible toileting assistance, travel for doctor’s appointments, keeping their house clean.

What do assisted living facilities offer?

The following are generally true for most facilities.

§  Opportunity for social involvement and interaction with other seniors

§  Safety and peace of mind because help is available if needed

§  Privacy and independence, as each senior or senior couple has their own room, or little apartment

§  Activities which involve the residents in many different things like dance, art, music, media, games etc.

§  Personalized care- plan to meet each resident’s needs

§  Accommodates disabilities

§  Encourages freedom and independence

§  Group dining areas and shared common areas to use for social or recreational activities

§  Peace of mind for family members who no longer have to worry about the safety of their loved ones

§  Laundry services

§  Programs for exercise and health and wellness

§  Housekeeping help to keep rooms clean and tidy

§  Help to eat and bathe if necessary

§  Help using the toilet if needed

§  Access to services for health and medical needs

§  Three meals cooked and served daily



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