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Safety Tips for Seniors and Caregivers

Basic tips to help keep seniors safe in their place of living.   Consider following some of these tips. 

 Around Home Safety Tips

·         Wear proper fitting shoes with non-slip footing.

·         Avoid using extension cords around traffic areas. 

·         Clean up spills as soon as possible.

·         Make sure all rails are sturdy inside and outside of home.

·         Use non-glare incandescent bulbs, preferably 100 watt or more.

·         All steps should have a non-slip surface.

·         Make sure every floor and area of the house has a smoke detector.

·         Have a fire extinguisher in good working order.  Know how to use it.

·         Maintain refrigerator and freezer at manufacture recommended temperature.

·         Label food dates to avoid using spoiled or expired foods.

·         Store heavy items lower below waist level.

·         Keep hazarder chemicals separate from foods

   Have gas appliances checked annually. 


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