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Senior Care

Senior Care

Finding the best possible Senior Care for mom,dad or a loved one can be difficult and filled with guesswork.  We help you take the trial and error out of your search for the best Senior Care facility.   We are dedicated in matching you with the best possible Senior Care.  When starting your search for Senior Care there are a few steps that one should consider.

First step would be to identify what type of care does your loved one require?  This will help us determine which type facilities will be most appropriate.  There are four main type of facilities; Independent Living, Assisted Living, Personal Care Homes and Nursing Homes.  Within each category of type of facilities there are sub categories defined by level of care each provides.  For example; in the category for Assisted Living Facilities there are different Assisted Living Facilities that provide different levels of care.  In one Assisted Living facility, residents are all required to be able to walk on their own or with the use of a cane or walker while wheelchair use is prohibited whereas in another Assisted Living facility wheelchair use is common and allowed. 

The subtle differences can make all the difference.  You may be wasting a whole afternoon touring facilities for Senior Care that may be great but can’t meet your need or a loved one’s needs.  We help you narrow your search to zero in on the very best of options within your specifications.  Our extensive background and constant contact with facilities in our community have allowed us to have an inside knowledge of each Senior Care facilities amenities and services.  The same rule of thumb about differences in facilities apply to all categories including Personal Care Homes and Nursing Homes as well. 

Second, what is the budget you are working with.  By knowing the budget or price range your working with we will be able to narrow our search within your budget.  In our search for the right Senior Care facility for you or your loved one we may find a few equal capable facilities that can meet the care needs, however they may differ in price dramatically.  Suppose you select three equally qualified facilities to care for mom and one may very well be over five hundred dollars more than the other equally qualified facility.  The difference has to do with the Senior Care facility setup, the reputation, location or simply company pricing policy.  One may not be any better than the other but one Senior Care facility may charge more.  By knowing the price budget you are working with we are able to save you the un-needed wasted time and frustration.  Senior Homes Resource keeps in touch with the Senior Care facilities pricings and is able to narrow your search dramatically, saving you time and making the process far more enjoyable.  This is where mom or a loved one will probably reside for a long time so the decision needs to be educated with knowledge and compassion.  That’s what we do. 

Third, we suggest that we first start looking on the appropriate side of town normally nearest to your home or on the way to and from work.  This way, you’ll be most able to visit your loved one as often as you can without having to drive extended distances.   However, this should not be your primary concern in most cases.  For some people this is a must as for some folks driving an extra few miles is too much, but for most folks a extra couple of miles drive is well worth it if you can’t locate one nearer.  The primary goal is to always find best care, location should be secondary. 

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